PUBG Mobile: Vikendi survival strategies, tips, and tricks

PUBG Mobile: Vikendi survival strategies, tips, and tricks

PUBG Mobile: Vikendi survival strategies, tips, and tricks

Tencent Games has recently released the latest map — called Vikendi — for PUBG Mobile.So players must learn how to survive in this new environment. Read on for some strategies, tips, and tricks to help you be the last man standing in Vikendi:  

1. Plenty of hiding places
Even though the map claims there’s no place to hide, the map has plenty of place and locations where you can take cover to dodge and attack your enemies. Places like Villa and Hot springs have so many building to take cover and these places also have plenty of loots too.

2. Use snowmobile only on snow

As we all know that the new exclusive snow vehicle has been added to the map. The snowmobile is fast and fun to ride, but there’s a catch. The snowmobile can be ridden in both snow surface as well as normal roads, but on regular roads, it tends to produce relatively more noise, and that leads to grab enemies’ attention quite easily. So, it is advisable to use an appropriate vehicle based on the surface you are on.

3. Avoid places like Villa and Mount Kreznic to land
Just like Pochinki in Erangel, which lies in almost centre of the entire map and also one of the most crowded places, Vikendi also has such places. Try to avoid places like Villa and Mount Kreznic which lie in the exact centre and can be reached irrespective of the line of the plane.

PUBG Mobile: Vikendi  tips and tricks

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4. Try to avoid walking on snow for long
Footprints on snow remain visible for a longer interval of time compared to the other surfaces. So, try to avoid walking on the snow as much as possible.

5. Camouflage
As the map is covered in snow, wearing a light colour cloth especially White shirt can make it harder for your enemies to spot you in the game. Alternatively, the blacks in the map are also more evident so, wearing dark clothes and walking and hiding in those dark spots will also help.

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6.Dress to kill not be killed

Dress in white as much as possible, as it will help you to be camouflaged in the snows of Vikendi. Dressing as brightly coloured as possible is not a bad call either, most fluorescent colors look white from a distance. Vikendi is a map where the hunter can easily become the hunted, keeping yourself camouflaged by dressing in white is a good way to remain as the hunter.

7.Don’t be too excited for a chicken dinner

Vikendi is not a map where you can run and gun with reckless abandon. The map is full of open spaces and lots of good sniping spots, so charging into the open is a suicidal move. Be patient, take your time to find a good, defensible position for yourself and engage opponents only when you are sure you’ll come out on top.

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